Cartridge Care


Cartridge stating empty levels

Please note that in our refilled range of cartridges, these will always show incorrect ink levels (generally very low or empty) as we are unable to reset these levels to the actual amount of ink inside the cartridge. Your printer will state that you are ‘low on ink’ when you do go to print, but please note that this is not the case. Please ignore all of these warnings and continue printing as normal until the cartridge fully runs out!


Cartridge care

All refilled cartridges we sell are clipped and sealed in anti static bags, to avoid any chance of the ink cartridge drying out. If you need to store the cartridges before opening them, we recommend storing them in a cool and dry area. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the cartridge to “dry up” which unfortunately could cause the cartridge to not work as it should do. We would advise to use the cartridges within 6 months of purchase date, to ensure the best print! We also recommend to use the cartridge at least once a month, if the cartridge hasn’t been used for a long time, the ink could dry out through lack of use.


Cartridge not recognised

1) Has all of the protective packaging been taken off? Such as the clip, the red tag and the blue piece of tape covering the nozzle? If there is any piece of tape on the nozzle, this will cause a cartridge not recognised error.

2) Take out and reinstall the cartridge a maximum of 3 times, to see if the printer is not just “playing up” to this new cartridge. (When doing this, is the cartridge fully recognised by the printer?)

3) Clean the chip of the cartridge with a piece of kitchen paper, or if this doesn’t work, please use a cleaning solution or an eraser. This will hopefully clean off any excess ink on the chip, if there is any present.

4) Clean the insides of the printer (where the cartridge goes) a dirty chip inside of the printer can sometimes make cartridges not be recognised by the printer.

5) Please try a hard reset of your printer, with the cartridges in (take plug out from the socket then reinsert)